CompatibleOne is a research project publicly funded by French Ministery FUI to provide open source ’cloudware’ for the creation, deployment and management of private, public or hybrid Cloud platforms. This project is led by the french Bull company. There are 11 industrial partners (Activeon, CityPassenger, enovance, Eureva, Mandriva, Nexedi, Nuxeo, Prologue and Xwiki) and two academic partners (INRIA and Institut Telecom). The CompatibleOne project participants intend to provide a complete implementation of the three major services of a Cloud : IaaS, PaaS, SaaS (Infrastructure, Platform, Software as a Service).

CompatibleOne is a cloud resource management software which affords integration of other cloud resources into the cloud services management by providing brokering capabil-ities. Therefore CompatibleOne is not limited to manage resources but enables utilization of any cloud service selected on criteria described in SLA.

CompatibleOne is a service delivery plat-form that manages cloud resources, not just infrastructure but any resource that can be available and delivered through CompatibleOne. This platform allows to combine the various services supplied by different suppliers: this way CompatibleOne provides the capability to federate resources across diverse and heterogeneous Cloud Service Providers (CSP). Thanks to CompatibleOne service management layer based on service oriented architecture, any other resource can be seen as an object. Cloud Service Providers can incorporate such solution into their service delivery platform to add seamlessly new value added services.

CompatibleOne supplies secured environment that encour-ages developers to create modern cloud aware stateless appli-cations. CompatibleOne facilitates the usage of advanced data management infrastructure as required in Big Data projects.

Finally CompatibleOne permits to manage those cloud aware applications across multiple CSP with all necessary guarantee from security to governance. CompatibleOne offers PaaS management capabilities simi-lar to Google Apps or Microsoft Azure but with freedom and openness the developers deserve. PaaS is seen as a simple module which is not deeply welded into the entire infras-tructure service management.

CompatibleOne open source platform helps developers to manage the run time environment of their choice to develop their application using the CSP of their choice and avoid lock-in. With CompatibleOne, providers have the capability to choose a platform environment and deliver it to their customers. CompatibleOne is next generation of cloud service management software providing a full run time environment that actually a CSP or an IT department can integrate through run time environment rather than service delivery interface.

With CompatibleOne, complex IT environments can be managed with a software programming model because it’s much structured, much easier to manage, and it is easier to maintain. And because the scripting is just getting too much now: An automated efficient reliable infrastructure cannot be managed with scripts all other the place. Hence to have automation imposed by the complex software environment of the future, we need to have a structured approach for managing resources. Therefore CompatibleOne takes advan-tage of software development methodologies for managing IT environment.

These major operational components are interconnected with and through a collection of service components in a very loosely coupled and consequently flexible fashion. This allows support for the different usage scenarios to be easily achieved by the integration or replacement of certain op-eration specific components. Each operational concept, and consequently component, of the platform may be implemented in the form of an individual standalone service management platform and consequently offers for unlimited scalability. The generic provisioning interface, provided by the components comprising the ACCORDS PROCCI, allows for extension of the platform by the dynamic and real time addition of heterogeneous provisioning components provisioned as input manifests. This possibility may be used to spawn subsequent instances of the platform itself in order to meet increased needs for provisioning in a flexible and elastic fashion.
This framework can be deployed by companies who have doubt about other solutions and it is simple to use. One feature of CompatibleOne is to unify, integrate and hide differences with existing platforms. As CompatibleOne considers these energy consumption issues at the design stage, it aims to provide an efficient solution to this problem.
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